About Nate

In third grade I decided to be an engineer as well as an inventor.  I then went on to invent an engine which works somewhat like a rotary engine but which I know now wouldn’t work all that well, but hey, it was creative!  I got my engineering technology degree from WWU’s Vehicle Research Institute and started as an engineer for Heavy Duty Diesel engines for Semi trucks at the age of 21.  I was called “Junior” for the first three or four years I worked there because nobody else on my team was younger than me for all of those years, including the techs who didn’t have college degrees.  I love cars.  I love working on them, I love driving them and I love teaching about them.  So that’s why I’m doing this blog.  So that anyone who wants to know all abut cars will have somewhere that someone actually took the time to write it all out and compile it in one place.


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